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Rocky Horror Links

Cosmo's Factory
Your first stop.

Like Wikipedia, but with more fishnet.

RHPS Search Engine
Because I can't link to everything

The Ultimate Rocky Horror Links Page
I said I can't link to everything.
The Official RHPS Site.

The Anal Retentive Costume List
Not what it sounds like. Get advice on your costume for the show.

Rare Rocky Photo of the Week
An archive of unique Rocky photos.

The Richard O'Brien Crusade
Great website about the creator of RHPS.

The Musical World of Rocky Horror
Get info on, well, the musical world of Rocky Horror.

Zenin's RHPS Archive
Links to other casts.
Included because it's got such a great URL. Home of Arthur Levesque, the Weird Al of Rocky Horror.

Links to our Sponsors

Boutique Crazy Halloween
A store for costumes, Venetian masks and decorations.

Sunrise Records
Canada's record store.

Official media sponsor and "umbrella" of the Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Ball.

Imagine Le Fun
Disguises, professional makeup and more.

Party Mania
Montreal's party supply and party decoration store.

Slick Styled Steel
For all your piercing and tattooing needs.

Gordon Robertson Beauty Academy
Training our beloved make-up artists and hairdressers!

Halloween Mania
The largest selection of Halloween costumes in Montreal.

For costumes and party supplies.

Scream Dance Academy
A dance school where everyone is accepted for who they are.