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Rocky Horror Picture Show
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Before contacting us using the form below, be a dear and take the time to look over our frequently asked questions.

Q: Are minors permitted to attend the show?
A: According to, Rocky Horror is apparently rated G in Quebec (strangely enough) so yes, minors are permitted.

Q: Is this show suitable for minors?
A: Ah, that's a different question. If you're a teenager asking this question on your own behalf, you're probably fine, come on down. If you're a parent asking on behalf of your preteens or younger children, depends on how mature your kids are.You know your kids better than I do.

Q: Does the show have assigned seating?
A: No, the show is general admission and seats are chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: How can I buy tickets for groups of 10 or more?
A: Read up on the details in our ticket info section, and then return here to contact us and reserve your tickets.

Q: I paid for my tickets via PayPal. Where are they/how can I pick them up?
A: Your tickets will be available at the Cinéma Impérial box office as of 5 PM the day of the show. Please print out your receipt from PayPal and present it along with your ID card at the box office in order to claim your tickets.

Q: I'm from the press and I would like to feature your event in a story. Do you have any pictures or facts I can use?
A: For some high-res pictures, please visit our media section. If you have more questions, please contact our publicist using the form below.