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Meet our Cast: Scarlet Vanderbilt

Magenta. Trixie. I once played Janet when I was...more innocent.


What's your sign, baby?
I love caviar, diamonds, and cuddles—obviously I'm a Taurus.

Life story?
I'm the love child of Spartan warriors and British nobility. I discovered my knack for the stage and burlesque late one night when my latest, loaded, elderly hubby caught me all done up and sneaking out to go see my gf. I quickly threw together a few over-the-top dance moves and shimmied the old dude back into a peaceful slumber. The next morning, he was convinced that it had all just been a very sexy dream and I knew that I was born to perform.

No, thanks—how could I ever fit in a job between nail appointments and practicing my shimmies? I'm told that my acts are a perfect example of how having too much time on my hands and someone else's credit card can go very, very right. Drop me a line if you want to be that credit card ;)

Any ink or extra holes?
Shouldn't you buy me dinner before asking about my holes?

If you were an alcoholic beverage, what would you be?
A piña colada: a pain in the ass to make but always worth the trouble.

Favorite pastime?
Yoga, laughing while eating salad, and picking up my non-existent kids from soccer.