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Meet our Cast: Sashy

Transylvanian, Criminologist

What's your sign, baby?

Life story?
I'm Sashy...Rah rah rah! I have been a hardcore Rocky fan since I was given the VHS tape of the movie when I was 7-years-old from my mom! Add another 7 years, and I attended my very first live show with my bestie Mel, shivering with antici...PATION. 21 years later, 2017 is my first year on stage as a Transylvanian with the amazing cast I have had the absolute pleasure watching for all these years! The fan girl in me is so excited to Time Warp my little 7-year-old heart out for all you lovely unconventional conventionalists! (Don't dream it, be it right?)

Preschool teacher. Shhh...

Dream job?
To work in Frank's laboratory full-time.

Catch phrase?

Any ink or extra holes?
Too many of each to count. Ask me at one of the shows; I'll show you them all if you say please.

Long walks on the beach?
...after anal?

If you were an alcoholic beverage, what would you be?
A Dirty Sanchez...I mean, Martini.

Your ideal last meal?
Cockmeat sandwich with a cockuccino to wash it all down. That or anything made with CURRY. See what I did there?

Who's your favorite artist?
A wise man once told me, "There is good music and crap." Ask me after one of the shows; I'll give you the 69-minute answer to what good music is.

Favorite pastime?
Does being on your knees count as a favorite pastime?

Favorite kind of underwear?
Underwear is so 20th century...Fox??

Favorite sexual position?
The Dirty Chewbacca. Google it.

Favorite sex toy?
Fidget spinner. Oh wait...I thought you asked for an actual toy. Bah, whatever...same answer.

What Rocky means to you?
A good excuse to take off my clothes and dance and sing for hundreds of strangers.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Doing the time warp...again.

Can't wait for you all to join us this year in Frank's laboratory. Some people would give their right arm for the privilege...