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Rocky Horror Picture Show
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Yes! It's true! We are planning a 7pm Oct. 31 screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at our usual venue, the majestic Cinéma Impérial downtown.

Due to the present pandemic situation, we are unfortunately not able to offer you a shadow cast on stage, a costume contest or allow props to be thrown around but we will have our usual people as "the voice" reciting hilarious call back lines on the mic. And if we're lucky, some shadow cast members will show you, distanced on stage, how to dance the Time Warp. Consider this to be the "unplugged" version of our annual event.

A maximum of 250 fans will be allowed to attend, physically-distanced while wearing sanitary masks. Since Halloween night is AFTER the latest lockdown period (Oct. 1 to 28), we will make tickets available towards the end of October if the lockdown is not extended past this month. Tickets will cost $20 (+ tax and small service charge), only available on line through our website and will be fully refunded in the event of cancellation. You are, of course, encouraged to dress up for Halloween (especially as a character from the movie!)

Check back here and our Facebook page for more details.


October 3, 2019
More information has now been added to our homepage.

September 11, 2019
Please see our homepage for some important news about Halloween 2020.

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